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Reimagine Snacking

Our promise to you...

  • Help you save water!
  • Provide you with the healthiest snacks possible
  • Holistic sustainability: all of our pouches are recyclable
  • Energize you with the cleanest plant-powered ingredients

The Problem

Studies show that agricultural production accounts for the majority of the world's water footprint. Our global food supply relies heavily on sourcing water from reservoirs such as lakes, rivers, and underground storages.

Out of Earth’s 37 major groundwater reservoirs, 21 are on track to being completely emptied and irreversibly damaged. 13 are under extreme distress. Such excessive deterioration leads to a decline in water quality, water scarcity, and permanent damage of natural ecosystems. Nuts and livestock rank at the top of the most water-intensive foods in our food supply. 

We Do Things Differently

Everywhere you look, energy and protein snacks rely on dairy and nuts. Not at Força! 

We provide you with a more sustainable option- watermelon seeds. These superfood seeds pack more protein than almonds and have a water footprint of almost 100 times lower than commonly used nuts!

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