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Unsweetened Original

Unsweetened Original

Our OG flavor 😍 0g of sugar, packed with calcium, essential vitamins, 2g of protein, and just 50 calories! 🌱 💪 Perfect for your morning cereal and elevating your recipe game.

Made with superfood Watermelon Seeds. Good for you and good for the planet 🌎 💧

  • 100% Plant-Based
  • No Added Sugar
  • Low Water Footprint
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Not just different, Better

Great on its own, perfect for your cereal, and works with any recipe. Heck, go crazy and use it in cocktail recipes!

did anyone say espresso tini time?

  • Ready For Anything

    MILKish is the perfect delicious blend for your coffee, a bowl of cereal, a smoothie, a baking recipe, or whatever else you have in mind.

  • Superfood

    Watermelon seeds are superfoods. It's that simple. They're full of protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and all that good stuff. You get it.

  • World's First

    Not to pat ourselves on the back here, but you won't find a Watermelon SeedMilk anywhere else! So be the pioneer that you are and be one of the first to try it.